Fors Performance is breaking cover on a new revolutionary tire measurement machine !

The grip and stiffness characteristics of the tires as well as their temperature and frequency dependencies are at the heart of achieving maximum performance and great vehicle dynamics.

FORS performance has forged its expertise by collaborating with prestigious teams in several championships : F1, F2, F3, FE, DAKAR, WRX, DTM, GT as well as in the automotive and tire industry.

FORS DMA is the result of all this expertise and more than 5 years of development.

Used daily in several championships by leading teams (F1 and F2 in particular), FORS DMA allows :

  • Access to rubber properties, with frequency and temperature dependencies.
  • Non-destructive, mobile and modular, flexible and precise, fast and easy to use.

FORS DMA is stressing the rubber in torsion, at different frequencies and temperatures, in order to comprehensively characterize the behavior of the rubber and the tire, allowing the optimal grip and rigidity window  to be evaluated. The non-destructive measurement, on the complete tire, allows access to the fundamental characteristics of the tire such as the rigidity and the dissipation according to the thermal and the solicitation.

A crucial aspect of this innovation is its place in the process of maximizing performance : being able to measure a tire quickly, non-destructively and anywhere is what the FORS DMA offers today
FORS DMA has been declined in 3 different configurations:

  • The FORS DMA, for laboratory or factory testing for unparalleled efficiency and precision. The measuring device makes it possible to install a tire mounted on a rim, to rotate it to choose the place to be analyzed. Reinforced structure enables stable and accurate measurement. Its use is typically within a workshop, a laboratory, a garage or a factory.
  • FORS Mobile-DMA (M-DMA) for fast and accurate measurements at the factory or during track testing. It is the transportable and compact version of the FORS DMA, allowing the same measurements with a more compact support. The huge advantage of this configuration is that it can be transported in a flycase and therefore allows a nomad use, on a test session on the circuit or with a development partner.
  • The FORS Handy-DMA (H-DMA), transportable directly in a suitcase, for quick studies of orders of magnitude, packed in a small suitcase and therefore easy to take on the go or in carry-on luggage on an airplane.

FORS DMA is not only a new and innovative means of measurement, it is also all the expertise of the FORS Performance team for the continuous development of the machine, the software and the post-processing, the training, the support, and all of FORS’s unique expertise in understanding tires and using measurement data.