Comprehension of any rolling object needs expertise of the only direct link to the ground, the tire, major actor !


From Global to unitary component, tire measurement is very complex. Mastery of all measurement tools and the knowledge of application limits is the know-how we cultivate at FORS.

Mathematical modelling

We propose dedicated modeling, with adapted complexity to your need. We are able to provide standard physical and mathematical model, but our core business is to deliver specific thermomechanical models developed internally.


The objective of measurement and modeling is to understand how the tire works. With the main purpose to optimize the vehicle equipped by those tires and extract the best dynamic performance.


Project definition, consider all specifications and constraints… the well-engineered mechanical assembly is the result of close work between simulation, CAD and FEM.


We develop our proper drive train or complete vehicle dynamic models for simulation. The approach and the tools are chosen and adapted to each project.


We firstly design complete innovative mechanical systems. The mechanics of assemblies, connections, materials and fluids, is mastered.


We finalize the design loop by the parts digital validation under appropriate constraints. This allows us to quickly optimize the topology and the material of the parts that we launch in manufacturing afterwards.


From a full understanding of the current product to its optimization, performance criteria objectification is a key factor to a successful and efficient product development.


Once the prototype is built and ready, we equip it with specific sensors, and we make our proper wiring loom. We develop our proper analysis tools.


Those tools will permit us to better understand the vehicle dynamic behaviour and objectify its intrinsic properties. This dynamic comprehension: it’s our job !


We proceed to all strategies and imagine all the ways of progress to reach all customer performance criteria: single criteria for the competition and multi-criteria for road cars or military vehicles.