The mastering of the manufacturing process and the material forming are the result of the expertise and the passion of our technicians.


Among our technicians, we have boilermaking specialists, they can create parts from a drawing, which is an indisputable advantage to have this competence internal.


We have standard machines in the workshop to be able to manufacture or modify some parts.


This is a very important step in an integration process, it allows us to analyse the assembly and give back information to the design office.


The implementation of validation tests is done by creating the optimal measuring conditions in the development of the current product while controlling areas such as instrumentation, calibration and testing platforms.


Understand and finalize the installation of sensors is very important in the process of vehicle analysis. Our technicians are trained for this.


The last information exchange between the workshop and the design office before testing.


Schedule respect is a key-factor to our success, and the management is crucial for this.


Organising, recruiting, testing, planning… Management is a key factor of project success, and day-to-day management is essential to achieve targets, whether in terms of quality, cost or delivery times. Follow-up, anticipating risks and changes for implementation, decision-making and, above all, communication are all essential !


Coordinate and move more than 30 team members on worldwilde events, manage parts ans cars transports while being cost-effective is a one person full-time job in our company.


The Teamwork outcome, the implementation and moreover, the on-site action.


The loop never ends, the mobility comprehension is to understand key-factors and always improve them. Our team members are sensitized to this essential area.